Send Emails with Amazon AWS SES from Google Scripts

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(1)Apps Script => 
(2)API Gateway =>
(3)Lambda =>
(4)SES: Send Email🥳

✏️Send Email with Amazon Ses from Google Apps Script.

Amazon Account

Not an easy task, but I’ve created an Amazon account. Lot’s of fields and checks to pass, but I did it. Phew!


Go to Ses settings. Verify your sender’s info in order to be able to send emails. Send test email. Do what else it asks you for.


Find it in IAM → Create new Privacy → JSON

"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Sid": "VisualEditor0",
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": "ses:*",
"Resource": "*"


Find Roles in IAM → Create a role → Link it to Privacy

Lambda Function

Find Lambda Functions → Create New. Remember your function’s name for the future step.

var aws = require("aws-sdk");
var ses = new aws.SES({ region: "eu-west-2" });
exports.handler = async function (event) {
var params = {
Destination: {
ToAddresses: [event.email_to],
Message: {
Body: {
Html: { Data: event.body },
Subject: { Data: event.subject },
Source: event.email_from,

return ses.sendEmail(params).promise()

Add Trigger => API Gateway

In my Lambda function, I go to

Configuration > Triggers 

API Gateway

Go to API page > add a few methods there. For my purpose, I’ve selected POST. Added Lambda function name in settings. And here is the button “TEST”, I’ve clicked it too. Worked.

Apps Script

Hopefully, you won’t get the error that I’ve got several times:

error 500
{"message":"Internal Server Error"}
function test_send_ses() {var options = {
method: 'post',
payload : JSON.stringify({
// 👉change
email_to: "",
body: '<p>Hello from <i>Amazon</i>!</p>',
subject: 'test mail from Amazon',
// 👉change
email_from: ''
contentType: 'application/json',
muteHttpExceptions: true
// 👉👉👉change to your url
var path = 'YOUR_URL_GOES_HERE';
var result = UrlFetchApp.fetch(path, options)Logger.log(result.getResponseCode()); // ➝ 200
(1)Run Apps Script => 
(2)Call API Gateway =>
(3)Run Lambda =>
(4)Run SES: Send Email🥳



Check your email, if you’ve got one new from yourself!

Note this orange caution that takes half of my screen. Well, at least it was not automatically sent to SPAM.



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